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explicit479037 grimdark30918 artist:audrarius615 big macintosh33954 ms. harshwhinny2725 earth pony514889 anthro365409 g42053794 abs16070 bent over5887 big breasts128305 bondage47148 breasts397403 busty ms. harshwhinny625 casual sex2148 commission120218 creampie46393 crowd1574 crying56207 cum107141 cumming32571 digital art30202 dripping8156 dripping cum4997 duo178724 exhibitionism13631 eyes closed141170 female1829369 gritted teeth19720 hanging breasts1771 high res409247 humiliation2813 lock807 macwhinny11 male559549 microphone7647 moaning9629 muscles19547 nipples246649 nudity520704 open mouth242726 outdoors22853 padlock820 pecs2229 penetration90288 public sex4774 rape9187 sex174713 stadium421 stocks1581 straight181815 tail106895 tears of pleasure1173 thighs29030 whitekitten680


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Yeah, there is no true indication if it’s non-consensual. For all we know, this could be one of those AUs where Sex is Equestria’s culture and this is a Sex tournament.
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Does the grimdark tag really apply here? Even with bondage and tears, everyone involved in this scene still seems quite pleased with the way things are going.