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suggestive143310 artist:rambon7297 kotobukiya920 sunset shimmer63173 oc686576 human154926 equestria girls200914 boots22091 breasts278396 canon x oc25084 classroom1646 clothes460751 collar33247 dialogue65682 dress44635 erect nipples10782 female1366000 flirting1476 humanized100181 jacket12564 legs8414 lidded eyes30815 male373806 nipple outline7545 panties50312 patreon12673 see-through5151 shoes36860 smiling249402 straight136651 underwear60939


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Replace the random NPC with Sci-Twi and then you’ll have something good.

This man speaks the truth!

Any other of the EQG mane 6 would also be acceptable. Possibly also Celestia or Luna.
Background Pony #FC39
I'd love to see an alternate angle where the camera is looking up her dress.