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While walking alone in Ponyville, Duststrife notices a Swift Shade alone but with a satisfied air,
  • Duststrife : Well Swift you’re making a face, I’ve never seen you like this since we came back to Equestria.  
  • Swift Shade : I don’t know what you’re talking about, I didn’t give a letter to a unicorn! say the pony calmly.  
  • Duststrife: A letter to a unicorn?
    Swift Shade realizes he just leaked personal information and freezes. Suddenly, Sunset Shimmer appears in the distance, heading straight for the pony. Swift Shade notices the unicorn is seems surprised by its presence, Sunset Shimmer takes a breath for a few moments to kiss Swift Shade. Swift has no time to react as Sunset laughs at her action but seems happy with what Swift has just offered her before running away. The pony begins to have a strange reaction, it shakes in your body before taking off and causing an explosion in the sky as the smoke forms a heart of love.
  • Swift Shade: AAAAAHHHHH!  
    The pony screams in terror, suddenly wakes up of this dream or this nightmare.  
  • Swift Shade : Wait … what it was only a dreamIit is then that he notices a photo with a signature on it that of Grumman where he writes.
  • Grumman : So you see that, you can change ;)
    Swift Shade understands that this was not a dream and under great stress says.
  • Swift Shade : What … me and her … I did that … OH NO! … BUT WHAT HAPPENS TO ME !!!
    A wonderful and beautiful Hearts and Hooves Day and happy Valentine’s Day ^^!
safe2038880 artist:brutalweather studio167 sunset shimmer74661 oc874924 oc:swift shade4 earth pony387956 pony1392068 unicorn474958 animated116034 canon x oc31882 cartoon physics968 cheek kiss2788 cute245062 earth pony oc21308 explosion2544 female1659511 gif43635 holiday30159 i can't believe it's not hasbro studios214 kissing29912 male481916 mare651296 shimmerbetes4995 shipping236634 show accurate24859 stallion164588 straight164730 surprise kiss1115 tree43091 valentine's day4754


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This scene looks familiar. Was this based on a scene from Tiny Toons or some other cartoon?
I can almost remember a similar scene of a girl kissing a boy and getting that rocket to the sky and explode reaction.