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safe2211650 edit176954 edited screencap93236 editor:quoterific9007 screencap298891 amber grain118 applejack203517 aroma hathor49 auburn vision349 berry blend604 berry bliss604 berry sweet121 bifröst170 bulk biceps3891 citrine spark513 clever musings203 cozy glow9773 dawnlighter93 desert flower99 end zone108 fire flicker147 flash magnus1014 fluttershy262781 fuchsia frost150 gallus9232 golden crust187 goldy wings99 lilac swoop69 loganberry137 lotus blossom3315 midnight snack (g4)198 mosiah46 night view121 nile faras56 november rain678 ocarina green77 ocellus6931 peppe ronnie52 peppermint goldylinks588 pinkie pie259887 rainbow dash284358 rarity220698 rockhoof1371 sandbar6905 seaspray235 silverstream7813 slate sentiments144 smolder11566 spike93388 strawberry scoop299 sugar maple171 summer breeze304 summer meadow229 tune-up66 twilight sparkle363136 violet twirl196 yona6490 zecora11319 alicorn322911 bull488 dragon87900 earth pony521022 griffon37526 hippogriff14418 pegasus513684 pony1641850 unicorn556372 yak6357 zebra24390 a rockhoof and a hard place887 g42066315 dragoness14579 female1845821 friendship student2222 male565353 mane six38025 mare768273 open mouth245963 rockhoof's shovel391 royal guard11109 shovel1353 stallion202315 student six2101 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151645 winged spike10361 wings234017 yeah!!!!!!!!50


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