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Mama Tia! :)
safe1640300 artist:banebuster159 princess celestia92341 alicorn211250 series:tiny tia104 apron4052 bipedal32533 blushing186609 bronybait2908 clothes436021 cute189792 cutelestia3438 ethereal mane7230 ethereal tail324 eyes closed86318 female1305926 food66031 heart45515 mare450204 momlestia971 pancakes1274 smiling230477


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Background Pony #EBA6
Thanks, Sun Mom! You're the best!
And also one of few mothers who can say "I'll always be here for you" and keep true to it.
Background Pony #2DF0
And in return, I get all the cakes.
But we live in a bakery…
ALL the cakes!