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safe1726393 artist:sugar morning1381 derpibooru exclusive28759 fluttershy214820 pegasus299736 pony986673 adorkable3556 animated99603 bipedal35335 cute202809 dancing8459 dork3834 eyes closed95546 female1380774 frame by frame4121 gif31566 mare490621 shyabetes14179 simple background400818 solo1077666 transparent background205340 weapons-grade cute3732


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Background Pony #E26A
@Sugar Morning
Please don't take this wrong, but I was bothered that her movement wasn't in tune with the beat (that start 28 secs in) of the song .
So I tried reducing all frames' delay by 1 and it turns out to pretty much match the beat almost perfectly.

Even though apparently both section of the song aren't in sync to the beat themselves :(.
Great flutters!