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And Happy Holdiays everyone.
And it’s a padded type of day, (For a lot of the people here). Everyone is happily opening their presents or hanging out.
At the couch, we have Paddy Sparkle, Windbalde (on her lap), Shatter, Blue Blaze, Frema (On Blaze’s lap), Necrow, Peppermint Lime, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Austin, and Chromia. At the tree, (right to left…), we have Kenny (in the Twilight onesie), Orange Glass (in the tree), Neon lightning, and Peni (the diaper critter).  
And by the fire, we have Polaris Star.  
And at the front, from back to front is, Kor Dust (the anthro pony, holding Luna), Small Brooke, Kransy behind the three, the Alicorn with bat wings), and Will. And then also behind them, we got Sirius Canis Major, a giant Derpy plushie, and Charming Dazz, who’s being smothered by the plushie.
They’re all being themselves and relaxing, well except for Polaris.

suggestive192540 artist:small-brooke1998751 derpy hooves57950 princess luna118184 rarity219464 twilight sparkle361038 oc959869 oc:austin13 oc:blue blaze50 oc:charming dazz113 oc:frema6 oc:kenny24 oc:kor dust6 oc:kransy1 oc:necrow2 oc:neon lightning11 oc:orange glass14 oc:paddy sparkle81 oc:peni3 oc:peppermint lime26 oc:polaris star18 oc:sirius canis major35 oc:will27 alicorn319357 bat pony76166 bat pony alicorn3418 dracony9124 dragon87015 human250230 hybrid31816 lamia3303 original species37066 pegasus507281 pony1627768 unicorn549463 g42053236 bat wings16809 bauble262 christmas21170 christmas stocking1114 christmas tree6464 chromia50 clothes644572 commission120167 costume39686 diaper17078 diaper fetish11317 diaper package228 diapercritter21 eyes closed141117 fetish58083 fireplace3975 footed sleeper736 footie pajamas262 furry7657 giant plushie19 grin63975 hearth's warming1230 holiday35433 horn203503 hug38146 kigurumi959 kissing33055 levitation16437 magic97909 onesie1235 open mouth242590 pajamas4191 plushie31195 ponified51354 poofy diaper5625 present8969 shatter (transformers)235 smiling405733 smothering990 telekinesis39616 tongue out149680 toy train64 transformers4624 tree50492 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150759 windblade124 wings229543


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