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Next part of the growth drive :D Thank you guys so much for so many awesome donations right off the bat; we've really got the ball rolling here…lol

But really I do appreciate it ^^ It helps quite a bit. Next round is now open! 💜

General stuff is as follows:

Paypal donations and/or Ko-Fi only.
You MAY donate toward multiple additions (such as $20 for 2 cake stacks and so forth)

Paypal address: hopperjamesp[at]
Ko-Fi: Click here

Next round starts on the 26th (following Christmas of course); updates will follow then.

Again this is aid for a friend, so any and all are welcomed~
suggestive145314 artist:necrofeline296 princess celestia95745 alicorn228113 pony985414 series:celestia's winter gains growth drive4 belly28924 big belly11636 bingo wings2418 butt61970 cake9928 cakelestia1089 chubby cheeks3830 chubbylestia908 clothes466519 eating9776 embarrassed11554 fat22340 fattening61 food71370 gray background7394 huge belly3729 huge butt10025 incentive drive229 large butt17208 morbidly obese7959 neck roll1025 note expansion111 obese11689 plot80409 raised hoof47417 scarf23537 simple background400316 solo1076832 squishy2569 stretched cutie mark333 thought bubble3485 weight gain4331 weight gain sequence823


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