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safe2155186 edit171344 edited screencap89393 editor:quoterific8500 screencap294040 applejack198841 carrot cake2478 cup cake4894 fluttershy256173 pinkie pie253712 pound cake3012 pumpkin cake2722 rainbow dash277443 rarity215906 twilight sparkle354834 earth pony438211 pegasus488299 pony1583144 unicorn529200 baby cakes823 g42007813 season 24809 about to cry125 baby16396 baby pony9264 broom2470 collage2048 crying54980 cute263260 diaper16749 eyes closed137148 female1781961 flour410 glowing18437 glowing horn28737 hat122742 horn179558 laughing10959 magic95587 male543389 mane six37337 mare728747 open mouth233300 party hat3546 poundabetes142 pumpkinbetes131 shocked10027 stallion191847 telekinesis38599 unicorn twilight32441


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