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safe2207146 edit176715 edited screencap93111 editor:quoterific8980 screencap298712 applejack203218 carrot cake2513 cup cake4984 fluttershy262290 pinkie pie259483 pound cake3079 pumpkin cake2783 rainbow dash283868 rarity220342 twilight sparkle362523 earth pony519131 pegasus511587 pony1637474 unicorn554315 baby cakes837 g42062300 season 25175 about to cry130 baby16935 baby pony9498 broom2516 collage2149 crying56475 cute270715 diaper17171 eyes closed142194 female1840352 flour427 glowing20283 glowing horn29776 hat127495 horn209220 laughing11284 magic98485 male563629 mane six37973 mare764852 open mouth244867 party hat3704 poundabetes144 pumpkinbetes134 shocked10320 stallion201539 telekinesis39872 unicorn twilight35205


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