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Commissioned by PegaSUS

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questionable109400 artist:blueblaze95193 applejack165778 fluttershy207319 bat pony47191 earth pony230568 pegasus272408 pony920681 3d71498 animated96064 bat ponified2503 belly27097 cheek bulge243 feral330 flutterbat6741 flutterpred614 micro8679 oral vore794 preyjack295 race swap13800 regurgitation51 size difference13500 soft vore1100 sound8150 source filmmaker43759 swallowing1866 throat bulge3509 tongue out98900 vore13923 webm12193


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Background Pony #5678
Love it!

I like both, both Twi and Flutterbat are good preds, but I like this one a bit more.

Also second the more Flutterbat/Shy pred please. So glad to finally see another good Flutterbat pred animation; there’s a surprising lack of Flutterbat pred animations, compared to the amount of Flutterbat pred artwork out there.

1000 many thanks to PegaSUS for commissioning this. <3