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Commissioned by PegaSUS

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questionable109400 artist:blueblaze95193 applejack165778 twilight sparkle293882 earth pony230569 pony920683 unicorn302905 3d71498 animated96065 belly27098 feral330 micro8679 oral vore794 preyjack295 regurgitation51 size difference13500 soft vore1100 sound8151 source filmmaker43759 swallowing1866 throat bulge3509 twipred801 unicorn twilight15936 vore13923 webm12194


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Bleh 😐
Applejack is always so lucky in your animations. I'm a big fan of how the new tummy struggling looks too :) hope your safe.
Background Pony #264D
While my favorite version is the Flutterbat pred one, I absolutely love this version too. Nice work.
Conversed Corruption
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Artist -

Well then...
Another favorite type of vore of mine where the pred swallows down the prey and will usually regurgitate them back up just to tease them before swallowing them back down again.