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safe1769236 artist:animesoul59 part of a set14003 applejack174744 big macintosh29010 diamond tiara10470 flash sentry13249 fluttershy218988 pinkie pie221795 rainbow dash240273 rarity187184 sci-twi25703 silver spoon6675 spike81109 sunset shimmer65452 twilight sparkle308363 dog10042 pony1029126 unicorn350256 equestria girls209722 beautiful5854 bubblegum1297 color porn1080 converse5924 cute207933 duality4410 female1418018 food74107 geode of empathy3364 gum1141 human ponidox3620 humane five3696 humane seven2748 humane six3507 magical geodes10287 male393887 mare510694 part of a series2843 pixiv14313 puddle988 rain6322 reflection3346 road901 self ponidox8436 shimmerbetes4517 shoes39570 solo focus17761 spike the dog2696 street782 tarot card687 technically advanced105 umbrella2834 wings126666


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I believe this picture is deserving of the “technically advanced” tag. I may not be an artist, but I hope I can tell when someone’s good at drawing!