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safe1949403 artist:animesoul85 part of a set17983 applejack186537 big macintosh31113 diamond tiara11129 flash sentry14174 fluttershy236089 pinkie pie236915 rainbow dash257442 rarity201482 sci-twi28517 silver spoon7069 spike86570 sunset shimmer71657 twilight sparkle330377 dog11873 pony1299593 unicorn435689 equestria girls231245 beautiful6755 bubblegum1442 color porn1106 converse6540 cute232541 duality4861 female1582494 food86174 geode of empathy3611 gum1308 human ponidox3892 humane five4809 humane seven3057 humane six4552 magical geodes11060 male451722 mare605844 part of a series3273 pixiv14432 puddle1118 rain6985 reflection3976 road1041 self ponidox9393 shimmerbetes4842 shoes48447 solo focus22149 spike the dog2854 street977 tarot card725 technically advanced114 umbrella3191 wings169818


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I believe this picture is deserving of the “technically advanced” tag. I may not be an artist, but I hope I can tell when someone’s good at drawing!