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Pinkie Pie gave Trixie a peanut butter pancake recipe. So Trixie Lulamoon did some cooking and then shared them with me. They were good! <3

Trixie : "The Great and Powerful Trixie has made some pancakes! Have a try."
Me : "Mmm, they're good, is that peanut butter I taste!"
Trixie : "Why Thank You, and yup, Pinkie gave me the recipe… I added the Peanut Butter part though. Everything's better with a bit of peanut butter!"

Base used by Uzzi-PonyDubber and GrapefruitFaceBases
Background used by Jeatz-Axl
Made in Paint.NET
I no longer accept any requests, sorry
suggestive140625 artist:grapefruitface11013 trixie66789 oc672799 oc:grapefruit face155 equestria girls197738 barefoot27115 base used19213 bedroom eyes58441 belly button76306 blushing194401 breasts272684 canon x oc24600 chair6676 clothes452615 feet39120 food68900 foodplay1673 fork875 grapexie143 happy30706 kitchen1791 male366339 male feet859 male nipples2609 pancakes1327 panties49607 partial nudity20125 picture frame803 refrigerator525 shipping197715 sitting62145 sitting on lap258 sitting on person491 straight134471 strategically covered2891 table9064 topless12377 underpants26 underwear60024


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