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The bad news is if you make eye contact with a basilisk you freeze in place and can't move for a while. Good news is this basilisk appears to be friendly. Perhaps too friendly, but I'll leave that up to you whether that's good, bad, scary, or welcoming :P
safe1723306 artist:badumsquish1982 derpibooru exclusive28701 big macintosh28484 basilisk18 monster pony3481 original species25521 snake2785 big macintosh gets all the ladies22 blushing200325 coils1147 female1377981 flirting1491 flirty297 fog907 forest10295 freeze spell43 full moon3489 glowing eyes11295 magic74081 male378646 mid-step3 missing accessory8258 monster2297 moon23695 nervous5756 night26785 nuzzling4011 one eye closed31419 paralysis5 paralyzed51 prehensile tail794 show accurate15899 smiling253288 stallion111369 straight137910 tail hold355 trembling706 unshorn fetlocks26131 wink25105


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Background Pony #C0F2
BP#46DA was acting like a homophobic middle-schooler, saying Harry Potter is "gay" as an insult and calling BP#02EC a slur.
Background Pony #46DA
Deletion reason: Rules #0 & #6 - Spamming insults and obsessive-compulsive facts about characters.
Background Pony #02EC
@Background Pony #46DA
The basilisk in 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' reminds me of this basilisk. The one in Harry Potter is similar the one here, because they both can slither on the ground and freeze you in place. The differences are that this one is friendly, and the one in Harry Potter is not friendly