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What if Twilight never made friends? What if the Elements of Harmony would have been destroyed forever?
What if Celestia had been forced to handle all the problems herself? How would the story go then?

A comic series from doubleWbrothers (on previous pages also Mr-Spider-The-Bug ), where we will get all the answers to the question: "What if Celestia…"

Story and sketch by us, the doubleWbrothers

Lineart by Pony-Berserker

Coloring and backgrounds by xXAngeLuciferXx

Proofread and co-written by DracoBlair
safe1688574 artist:0ryomamikado0525 artist:doublewbrothers469 artist:dracoblair23 artist:pony-berserker835 discord30669 luster dawn1496 princess celestia94235 twilight sparkle298225 alicorn221053 draconequus11301 pony950306 unicorn315713 comic:what if celestia...9 alternate color palette433 alternate timeline2947 axe1645 badass3241 bald1957 beach chair475 beam270 black hole197 blanket5253 blast640 bowling ball285 burning606 butt55840 chaos1175 chaos magic84 chocolate3327 chocolate rain375 clawing15 clawmarks2 cloud30272 cocktail307 cocktail umbrella77 comforting1258 comic107956 confrontation245 cotton candy656 cotton candy cloud279 crown16492 dark magic2703 destruction1467 discord being discord291 discorded landscape243 disintegration220 divine comedy7 duel259 empathy cocoa215 explosion2150 fear1012 female1346601 floating3911 flower25197 food68953 gloating34 glowing eyes10990 glowing horn19258 gravity67 gulp252 hammer1701 heat150 horn63962 hyper beam14 imminent battle6 jewelry61884 laughing7876 lightning3091 magic72338 male366643 mismatched eyes223 missing accessory8039 mushroom cloud255 nuclear explosion91 orange931 pink floyd234 power95 rain6018 regalia19384 relaxing1427 safety blanket1 scared10325 smug5893 smuglestia88 snap49 stealing355 sucking1100 sucking in11 sunbutt3985 sunglasses14185 surprised9122 swirly eyes2410 taunting266 teacher and student326 terrified399 the wall88 this will end in pain1917 thumbnail is a stick213 transformation10591 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122874 vision54 wall of tags2951 weapon30132 weird394 what if151 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2341


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Background Pony #DB8B
I thought it looked more like screwball, with the eyes lacking a pupil instead having a spiral pattern.
Though the top half of her is a pinkie color, and the bottom screwball. Perhaps they took insperation from both ponies?
Background Pony #C7A4
Please don't add the tag "artist:mr-spider-the-bug".
He is no longer involved in this comic and had no part in creating this page.
That's why his name is not in the credits.

See the previous page (which he didn't post on Derpibooru) for more information.
Background Pony #9A48
The sad think is that the author abdon this project because he received so little attention compared to given work.
He has only 4 patrons now, before that it was even lower number. And I don't say bad words about this style, but Mr-Spider-The-Bug makes so detail comics with style of the show, it's just beautiful for me.
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Yeah, I liked the other artist's version of this much better. As much as I like Double W Bros. and PB, they just don't have the same level of skill.
Background Pony #9A48
It's sad that Mr-Spider-The-Bug don't draw this anymore. The comic just fall from perfect to very good.