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Background Pony #E3A0
Applebloom: She has been in that haunted house an hour, where is that candy!
Scootaloo: Doesn’t this place look a lot like Fluttershy’s cottage.
Appebloom: Impossible, Fluttershy doesn’t do Nightmare Night.
  • Suddenly Sweetie Belle wakes very dazed but with a big smile on her face *
    Applebloom: Hey, did you get the candy?!
    Sweetie Belle: Yeah… it was so tasty…
    Scootaloo: You ate it, what did it taste like?
    Sweetie Belle: Salty…
    Applebloom: What? Candy can’t be salty, I’m going in there.
    Sweetie: NO, she wants Scootaloo next…
    Applebloom: She? What, the ghost running this place?
  • Sweetie Belle pushes Scootaloo inside. Applebloom attempts to stop her but pulls her away. *
    Sweetie Belle: No, Applebloom, you can have fun with me while you wait your turn.
Background Pony #9B66
Haven’t been following you lately, I’m glad you’re back on your beautiful futa stuff! X3