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Happy ten years, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

It's been a great decade with you around full of memorable moments, exciting events, and awesome adventures. I'll never forget the characters or the story or the music and I'll never forget how much of an impact it's had on many people's lives. As we turn to a new decade, the memories of the show and the fandom and its community will never leave our minds. For all the people behind this great series and all the cast and crew and all the great fans, thank you so much! <3

For this piece, all of the mane cast have come together for a group picture of this historical moment. All eight characters have been made in Inkscape and will be uploaded individually throughout the week. I hope you all enjoy it and have a great anniversary today! :D

Made with Inkscape
safe1617281 artist:dashyoshi59 applejack162754 fluttershy203180 pinkie pie207656 rainbow dash224217 rarity173915 spike75801 starlight glimmer45685 twilight sparkle288516 alicorn206431 earth pony216565 pegasus257866 pony885030 unicorn285907 mlp fim's tenth anniversary571 anniversary433 female1287434 folded wings5099 happy birthday mlp:fim1305 high res23401 mane six30398 my little pony logo3496 simple background361898 sitting57584 smiling224878 transparent background187504 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118470 wings88121


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