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Decided to upload this anonmymously. Will be up on DeviantART later.

Feel free to add tags and update source URL.

Share around! This is a big moment in brony history!
safe1676920 artist:wizahmad2 apple bloom48724 apple rose318 applejack167505 auntie applesauce297 autumn blaze3745 bow hothoof1024 coloratura2869 derpy hooves49676 discord30425 doctor whooves10659 fluttershy209604 gallus6578 goldie delicious380 lord tirek5178 mane allgood261 ocellus5157 pinkie pie213380 princess cadance32266 princess celestia93830 princess luna97969 queen chrysalis34288 rainbow dash230620 rarity179174 sandbar5350 scootaloo50749 shining armor22834 silverstream5982 smolder7677 snap shutter276 spike77847 starlight glimmer47801 sweetie belle48460 thorax4246 time turner10654 trixie66374 twilight sparkle296753 windy whistles2073 yona4997 alicorn218796 mlp fim's tenth anniversary580 a canterlot wedding2763 crusaders of the lost mark1644 friendship is magic2792 grannies gone wild800 lesson zero1439 magical mystery cure2312 parental glideance1061 school raze2310 slice of life (episode)1719 sounds of silence3325 the best night ever1335 the cutie re-mark3170 the last crusade843 the last problem5553 the mane attraction1189 the return of harmony1649 to where and back again2653 clothes449043 coronation dress682 cutie mark46600 cutie mark crusaders18817 dress43512 element of generosity831 element of honesty834 element of kindness900 element of laughter836 element of loyalty1002 element of magic2200 elements of harmony2436 gala dress4517 glowing eyes10897 group hug884 happy birthday mlp:fim1302 hoers mask279 hot air balloon945 hug27636 mane seven6406 mane six31467 mask6520 older25897 older applejack712 older fluttershy670 older mane seven232 older mane six346 older pinkie pie682 older rainbow dash784 older rarity667 older spike5103 older twilight1544 princess twilight 2.02246 reformed four156 s1 luna7193 side hug403 student six1598 the cmc's cutie marks4719 theme song381 twilight snapple2026 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122151 twinkling balloon404 wall of tags2909


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This is so beautiful. I can feel my heart ache just looking at some of the best highlights in these ponies’ journeys. Such a vast, wonderful world filled with so many memorable and lovable characters. I love this show and all of you. I just wish I had reached out to this fandom sooner.