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Decided to upload this anonmymously. Will be up on DeviantART later.
Feel free to add tags and update source URL.
Share around! This is a big moment in brony history!
safe1809172 artist:wizahmad3 apple bloom52872 apple rose337 applejack177397 auntie applesauce313 autumn blaze4216 bow hothoof1137 coloratura3097 derpy hooves51522 discord32698 doctor whooves11081 fluttershy222756 gallus7323 goldie delicious396 lord tirek5553 mane allgood279 ocellus5608 pinkie pie225032 princess cadance33999 princess celestia98673 princess luna102943 queen chrysalis36323 rainbow dash244019 rarity190449 sandbar5785 scootaloo52843 shining armor24181 silverstream6501 smolder8627 snap shutter295 spike82429 starlight glimmer51191 sweetie belle50675 thorax4643 time turner11074 trixie70446 twilight sparkle313349 windy whistles2267 yona5370 alicorn243462 mlp fim's tenth anniversary588 a canterlot wedding3029 crusaders of the lost mark1680 friendship is magic3142 grannies gone wild861 lesson zero1587 magical mystery cure2538 parental glideance1100 school raze2395 slice of life (episode)1833 sounds of silence3395 the best night ever1494 the cutie re-mark3267 the last crusade872 the last problem6406 the mane attraction1241 the return of harmony1831 to where and back again2829 clothes498301 coronation dress756 cutie mark51893 cutie mark crusaders19726 dress47944 element of generosity998 element of honesty984 element of kindness1123 element of laughter998 element of loyalty1177 element of magic2546 elements of harmony2559 gala dress4742 glowing eyes12133 group hug976 happy birthday mlp:fim1430 hoers mask287 hot air balloon1020 hug30280 mane seven6851 mane six33300 mask7526 older29007 older applejack820 older fluttershy785 older mane seven268 older mane six395 older pinkie pie769 older rainbow dash924 older rarity773 older spike5739 older twilight2116 princess twilight 2.02771 reformed four174 s1 luna7555 side hug514 student six1716 the cmc's cutie marks4817 theme song399 twilight snapple2091 twilight sparkle (alicorn)129434 twinkling balloon436 wall of tags4254


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This is so beautiful. I can feel my heart ache just looking at some of the best highlights in these ponies’ journeys. Such a vast, wonderful world filled with so many memorable and lovable characters. I love this show and all of you. I just wish I had reached out to this fandom sooner.