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Decided to upload this anonmymously. Will be up on DeviantART later.
Feel free to add tags and update source URL.
Share around! This is a big moment in brony history!

dead source45341 safe2152677 artist:wizahmad3 apple bloom59562 apple rose361 applejack198681 auntie applesauce352 autumn blaze5384 bow hothoof1375 coloratura3524 derpy hooves57016 discord37236 doctor whooves11737 fluttershy255908 gallus9014 goldie delicious443 lord tirek6247 mane allgood333 ocellus6754 pinkie pie253459 princess cadance39499 princess celestia111752 princess luna116225 queen chrysalis41773 rainbow dash277092 rarity215711 sandbar6793 scootaloo58396 shining armor27663 silverstream7657 smolder11198 snap shutter331 spike91725 starlight glimmer59324 sweetie belle56317 thorax5429 time turner11737 trixie78927 twilight sparkle354471 windy whistles2834 yona6389 alicorn309729 pony1580572 mlp fim's tenth anniversary600 a canterlot wedding3644 crusaders of the lost mark1774 friendship is magic3821 g42005097 grannies gone wild920 lesson zero1839 magical mystery cure2884 parental glideance1234 school raze2579 slice of life (episode)1987 sounds of silence3507 the best night ever1778 the cutie re-mark3512 the last crusade923 the last problem7988 the mane attraction1310 the return of harmony2365 to where and back again3065 clothes624851 coronation dress965 cutie mark51530 cutie mark crusaders22203 dress60928 element of generosity1392 element of honesty1368 element of kindness1551 element of laughter1394 element of loyalty1594 element of magic3471 elements of harmony2875 gala dress5381 glowing eyes15143 group hug1212 happy birthday mlp:fim1557 hoers mask301 hot air balloon1192 hug37149 mane seven7820 mane six37293 mask9964 older38645 older applejack1062 older fluttershy1059 older mane seven310 older mane six481 older pinkie pie986 older rainbow dash1303 older rarity1002 older spike8877 older twilight3307 princess twilight 2.03746 reformed four181 s1 luna8441 side hug618 student six2077 the cmc's cutie marks5165 theme song464 twilight snapple2311 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147922 twinkling balloon484 wall of tags6408


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This is so beautiful. I can feel my heart ache just looking at some of the best highlights in these ponies’ journeys. Such a vast, wonderful world filled with so many memorable and lovable characters. I love this show and all of you. I just wish I had reached out to this fandom sooner.