Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 10 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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Decided to upload this anonmymously. Will be up on DeviantART later.

Feel free to add tags and update source URL.

Share around! This is a big moment in brony history!
artist needed25544 safe1598290 apple bloom47094 applejack161099 autumn blaze3440 bow hothoof950 coloratura2712 derpy hooves48373 discord29164 doctor whooves10316 fluttershy201173 gallus6049 lord tirek5022 ocellus4749 pinkie pie205751 princess cadance30754 princess celestia90393 princess luna94749 rainbow dash222242 rarity172260 sandbar4890 scootaloo49288 shining armor21868 silverstream5510 smolder6969 spike75010 starlight glimmer45036 sweetie belle46904 thorax4019 time turner10312 trixie63352 twilight sparkle285818 windy whistles1934 yona4626 alicorn202185 mlp fim's tenth anniversary449 a canterlot wedding2521 crusaders of the lost mark1591 friendship is magic2619 grannies gone wild782 lesson zero1346 magical mystery cure2172 parental glideance1010 school raze2212 slice of life (episode)1619 sounds of silence3250 the best night ever1248 the cutie re-mark3036 the last crusade809 the last problem4561 the mane attraction1121 the return of harmony1515 to where and back again2544 clothes418915 coronation dress590 cutie mark42802 cutie mark crusaders18192 dress40531 element of generosity748 element of honesty752 element of kindness816 element of laughter757 element of loyalty929 element of magic2005 elements of harmony2356 gala dress4321 glowing eyes10149 group hug795 happy birthday mlp:fim1201 hoers mask275 hot air balloon915 hug25761 mane seven6061 mane six30082 mask5720 older23778 older applejack601 older fluttershy566 older mane seven193 older mane six299 older pinkie pie559 older rainbow dash653 older rarity582 older spike4633 older twilight1247 princess twilight 2.01876 reformed four152 s1 luna6999 side hug340 student six1469 the cmc's cutie marks4608 theme song333 twilight snapple1932 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117144 twinkling balloon388 wall of tags2591


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This is so beautiful. I can feel my heart ache just looking at some of the best highlights in these ponies’ journeys. Such a vast, wonderful world filled with so many memorable and lovable characters. I love this show and all of you. I just wish I had reached out to this fandom sooner.