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safe1659713 artist:xjenn9475 twilight sparkle294320 alicorn215419 human150325 pony923760 book32490 chemistry329 cyrillic2114 duo56940 duo female9532 eyes closed88452 female1322559 holding a pony2866 hug27245 human and pony129 human on pony action10238 interspecies22005 russian4145 sleeping22802 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121136


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Даже незнаю, чего хочется больше, спать с таклй вот красавицей или в обнимку с пони?

Is hugging an “action“ performed in this picture? Yes! And it is interchanged, also returned, by lifeforms of different kind, also known as interspecies. One lifeform, lets call it P, doing actions on the other one; we will call it H. By changing the sides in this equation and adding the first statement it resoles to human on pony action.

But does this interpretation of the formular really show the answer to what is happening? What is the author telling us as the quit, thus commenting audience. Is the creator impliing something or just tricking us to belive something already happend?

Please write a short text about what we don‘t or can‘t see inside the frame of this artwork. I will collect them next week and grade them. Class dismissed!