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explicit416946 artist:pia-sama1894 princess ember7848 rarity203111 spike87282 dragon72155 unicorn446136 anthro315602 plantigrade anthro42997 arm behind back7539 ballgag8320 barefoot32548 bedroom eyes72542 bisexual6231 blushing238558 bondage40967 breasts343073 busty princess ember1346 busty rarity15660 dragoness12100 emberity56 emberspike677 embersub4 feet48641 female1602751 femsub12886 gag17509 lesbian108537 lidded eyes38987 looking at each other27594 male459647 maledom6586 mare618047 nipples211520 nudity452095 offscreen character43929 open mouth197641 polyamory7491 rope14173 rope bondage5998 shipping229690 sparember31 sparity7691 straight159523 submissive21167 tied up7360 vulva160914


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Background Pony #D8ED
Top unf. I love how submissive Ember is, willingly letting herself be tied up like that and opening her mouth to allow Rarity to put that ball gag in. Some truly sexy times ahead. It spices up the image too seeing a typically fiery girl like Ember doing a complete 180° to be incredibly sub instead.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

Ember has been having trouble getting a mate since most rub away from her aggressiveness so she ask the one person she trust to help her with this problem. At the same time rarity hears about this and gets an idea how to teach the dragon lord how to be a sub and she is going to have much fun with this with spike.