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This one has fixed horn magic on the 3rd panel oopsie daisy #mlpfim #mlp

safe2187613 artist:docwario1107 fizzlepop berrytwist9915 lemon hearts2588 minuette6896 moondancer6129 rarity218710 starlight glimmer60364 sunset shimmer79607 sweetie belle57021 tempest shadow19043 trixie79785 twinkleshine2709 pony1616957 unicorn544157 g42043761 cute267680 dialogue94649 diner487 food102311 ice cream6699 inconvenient trixie386 onion154 onion rings22 reformed unicorn meeting20 sad31522 sadorable1624 sweetie belle is not amused240 teary eyes6974 unamused24204 wavy mouth5583


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Trixie: “Uh, Storm King, can we ask you a question?”  
Stormking: “Go ahead.”  
Trixie: “Do you know where we can score some cocaine?”  
Stormking: “You want some candy?”  
Trixie: “Uh, no thanks. But it’d be great if we could get some cocaine.
(Meanwhile, in the undercover icecream truck)
Spike: “What’s so funny?”  
Twilight: “Those mares are doomed!”