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Inspired by Doc Wario’s comic:
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safe2190002 artist:dstears737 fizzlepop berrytwist9915 grubber927 starlight glimmer60438 sunset shimmer79667 tempest shadow19047 trixie79832 hedgehog912 pony1619847 unicorn545446 g42045904 my little pony: the movie21481 4k3395 broken horn15977 bunset shimmer2918 butt234416 counterparts935 cute268007 cutie mark51306 daaaaaaaaaaaw7078 diatrixes3859 female1820079 food102479 food truck117 glimmerbetes4795 grin63659 happy45074 high res408658 horn198959 ice cream6706 ice cream truck72 licking27990 licking lips5701 magic97452 magical trio493 male556424 mare752814 palm tree2969 plot146303 reformed unicorn meeting20 sharing179 shimmerbetes5271 smiling402921 sweet dreams fuel2074 telekinesis39401 tempestbetes2718 tongue out148746 tree50094 truck1017 twilight's counterparts924 wallpaper20903 wholesome1468


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Background Pony #469A
You know, when people say “Ice cream truck” I usually picture ice pops… but that works too I guess.