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@orion parish
We don't have any context as to Celestia moving the capital, nor her reasons. Just because it's happened before doesn't mean it's a good idea to do it again in a completely different situation, nor does it invalidate any of Sonicfan's points.
orion parish
Artist -

"And yet Princess Celestia did the exact same thing after her and Luna's… Fight. Did she ever say anypony complained when she did? No. And besides, who actually cares what the nobles think? Last I checked, they have no actual power now, and have not in a long time."

"… Dangit Rarity. Stop being smarter than me!"

My headcanon is that with Twilight in Canterlot, she helps Ponyville preserve it's Earth Pony traditions and small town appeal. If she stayed, then everything established in Canterlot would have to move with her. Or worse, she has to in order to NOT step on the hooves of the Nobility. Twilight doesn't have a castle staff, nor an established court system. All that would be in Canterlot. If she didn't move, most everything excluding judiciary ceases to have a purpose.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Twilight: Rarity, I don't think that you've considered the logistical issues with moving the Equestrian seat of power to an entirely different city. The nobles and their families would all have to move. The castle staff and their families would have to move. Then we'd have to build additional infrastructure for all of that. Then there'd be the increase in complaints by noble and common creature alike for having moved the Equestrian seat of power to Ponyville. I mean, it's easy to say, 'hey, lets move the capitol over here!' However, there's a lot that I don't think you realize or have considered, when actually making the moving of the Equestrian capitol a reality.

Man, why you gotta do my boy Spike dirty like that… Unless he's away on business and that's her way of coping with her ever growing loneliness