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A sphinx’s musk makes you and everyone within range very horny and sensitive. Being covered in it can be troublesome since it’s fairly difficult to wash off, but it can be put to good use too :P  

Part 2 :D  
explicit389058 artist:badumsquish2153 derpibooru exclusive31519 sunburst7517 trixie72012 pony1205027 unicorn393575 bedroom eyes66931 blushing221697 clothes518557 covered eyes104 dribble12 duo90440 erection18723 female1500467 fetish45092 flared3493 horsecock79264 imminent sex8179 implied sphinx25 male422606 mare556656 messy mane8474 messy tail304 missing accessory8734 musk1259 nudity419275 olfactophilia303 penis173440 precum12224 robe4042 seduction290 shipping218195 somnambula (location)161 stallion132505 straight150018 subtly explicit403 sunburst's cloak727 tail seduce314 trixburst127


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I’d LOVE to see more musk-marked ponies in this vein. I cannot get enough of this <3
Badum, do you think the Muskubus (>>1297408) will ever make a return for something like this again?~
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There are theories that say luster dawn is sunburst and trixie’s daughter… Her cutie mark does look like sunburst’s after all
Background Pony #DB92
Good to know sphinxy has lines she will not cross, also i always wondered are the students in twilight’s school kids cause some are adults and cozy glow is a child… And the school looks like a college with a dorm… Maybe it’s a college for all ages
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Oh they’re good with magic, but compared to a veteran sphinx mage they’re like someone with a matchlock rifle against someone with an M-16: yeah they might get lucky but it’s probably not going to go well for them XD
Probably eventually XD