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safe1586607 artist:tarkron85 gallus5883 silverstream5323 storm king1100 classical hippogriff4483 griffon25015 hippogriff8397 yeti268 my little pony: the movie17963 bed36762 comforting1197 comic102184 commission53446 crying40445 cute180225 daaaaaaaaaaaw3150 diastreamies1116 female907852 friendshipping450 gallabetes799 gallstream340 hand on head1759 holding head2421 hug25634 knocking145 lidded eyes26217 looking at each other16757 male308516 mount aris177 nightmare1340 petting1685 pillow15659 pillow hug279 question mark4101 shipping185207 sleeping21866 straight122505


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Background Pony #EC8B
PTSD dreams suck. Good to have caring ppl (er, birbs) there for you.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Makes sense that some hippogriffs have a severe case of PTSD from what happend to them!
Silverstream already showed that she's still immensely affraid of the Storm King.
So nice of Gallus to give her some compfort <3
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Live from the hive
That's so nice of Gallus. It's like he's making up for his lonely childhood by making sure he's there for others.
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