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The queen knows how to show a princess a good time, even better than her husband

explicit464792 artist:bckiwi289 princess cadance39524 queen chrysalis41793 alicorn309936 changeling65072 anthro354541 plantigrade anthro50408 g42006559 3d120808 4k3283 ahegao33487 areola30429 bedroom eyes81066 belly blush1728 big breasts123735 blender13939 breasts385035 busty princess cadance4409 busty queen chrysalis5225 caption25788 cuckolding1176 egg5317 egg inflation292 egg insertion476 emoji1414 female1780266 futa60923 futa on female15419 futa queen chrysalis1837 high res406094 huge breasts57394 impregnation4499 infidelity9808 inflation12426 insertion23516 intersex63291 lesbian116455 lidded eyes46755 looking at you254363 nipples238807 not sfm2658 nudity504956 open mouth232853 oviposition2631 ovipositor937 penetration86705 ponies breeding changelings337 pregdance328 pregnant16646 pregnant sex713 princess cheatdance1002 sex168434 ship:cadalis537 shipping251135 snapchat630 sweat39780 tongue out144829 vaginal56391


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Sparklecest Connoisseur
@Officer Hotpants  
“Putting eggs in your bitch.”
Not sure who else that message would be directed at.
[EDIT] Unless it’s a generalized ‘putting eggs in one’s bitch’, implying that Chrysalis is calling Cadance her bitch. Then yeah, I could see that. But still.