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safe1590297 artist:mlplary658 rainbow dash221010 soarin'13391 pegasus245222 pony857192 apple14809 apron3913 base used16366 bipedal31024 blushing178302 bowl1474 clothes414721 eyes closed81396 female934247 food61871 housewife154 hug25718 hug from behind396 kiss on the cheek1504 kissing22709 kitchen1578 male310765 mare421663 one eye closed25776 shipping185818 sink455 smiling218734 soarindash4594 stallion94484 straight122921 tomboy taming349 wink21933


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Artist -

Dashie is best pone
I am a soarindash shipper, but I have never seen Dashie as a housewife … or someone who enjoys being surrounded by kisses, she may be married but still a free spirit, I always imagine the two of them sharing chorces dashie smile is adorable on this
Background Pony #1524
Anstatt so was mach doch Du für Sie den Abwasch so hätte Ich es gemacht

Sie so überraschen & das küssen & dann dazu noch den Abwasch gemacht für Sie 😁