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Twilight finally gets her own proper revenge on Trixie and Pinkie after the previous events of the final show and An Unexpected Journey! This time, Twilight's in charge and making sure it stays that way!

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questionable109400 semi-grimdark29029 artist:blueblaze95193 pinkie pie211302 trixie65681 twilight sparkle293882 alicorn214748 earth pony230569 pony920683 unicorn302905 3d71498 anal vore1034 animated96065 belly27098 broken horn13537 burp1852 butt50346 butt expansion1108 dead4040 death5197 digestion2729 facesitting3159 fatal82 female1319575 femdom7816 femsub10299 fetish38050 growth5444 horn58900 impossibly large belly9988 lesbian93938 mare457260 my little pony2089 oral vore794 pinkie prey414 pinkiesub220 plot75824 sfm pony1039 smiling234500 sound8151 source filmmaker43759 stomach noise2981 submissive15940 the weak and powerless trixie412 trixsub44 twibutt5197 twidom1085 twilight has a big ass372 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120943 twipred801 video774 vore13923 webm12194 weight gain3996


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Background Pony #770C
Trixie and Pinkie didn’t put up much of a fight… did they secretly enjoy it in Twi’s tummy?

Bleh 😐
She's done it. After her first revenge attempt left her digested and hornless in pinkies stomach twilight prevails with an absolute banger of a finale.

Amazing stuff as usual BlueBlaze you make twilight the best pred.
Dawn Bright

Oh my…
Your stuff is already amazing but it's still getting better with every post. I love it when I have to rewatch something several times just to catch all the details and faces.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Yes yes yes!! I love this so much! My Twily needs to always have her beautiful belly full of prey! I wish I could feed her next time she’s hungry. I want to rub and worship her bloated belly after every meal! 💜😍💜😍💜
Background Pony #8183
Are we ever going to see progress on the Daybreaker wips that are on the Discord? Or ANYTHING that has either sister as a pred?