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I decided that this could use a tiny little bit of touching up.
Original linework is by crade, over here: >>2313865  
Initial colour edit is by an anonymous user, over here: >>2360769

explicit463703 artist:crade436 color edit8909 edit170975 editor:sollace20 apple bloom59527 rainbow dash276889 scootaloo58357 sweetie belle56272 earth pony436349 pegasus486443 pony1578735 unicorn527222 g42004207 age difference4209 ahegao33417 anatomically correct34988 anus134977 apple bloom's bow3312 belly button108048 blushing268044 bow43834 clitoris40696 colored24586 cunnilingus12256 cutie mark crusaders22193 dialogue90840 dock69854 drool33988 eyes rolling back4278 female1777300 female orgasm1419 filly95919 flat colors3153 foalcon21886 hair bow25075 heart74259 high res405729 lesbian116303 mare726309 mare on filly682 moaning9206 moaning in pleasure4811 nudity503758 open mouth232295 oral64118 orgasm17933 ponut62873 prone34457 sex167965 ship:scootadash880 shipping250734 soft color1979 speech bubble37990 tongue out144535 underhoof67841 vaginal secretions52216 vulva186095 vulvar winking17600


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