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I decided that this could use a tiny little bit of touching up.

Original linework is by crade, over here: >>2313865
Initial colour edit is by an anonymous user, over here: >>2360769
explicit343477 artist:crade429 color edit7543 edit129506 editor:sollace10 apple bloom48743 rainbow dash230706 scootaloo50761 sweetie belle48472 earth pony238197 pegasus280745 pony940146 unicorn311516 age difference2463 ahegao24003 anatomically correct23305 anus94596 apple bloom's bow1272 belly button75622 blushing192791 bow27792 clitoris26501 colored19105 cunnilingus9460 cutie mark crusaders18823 dialogue63902 dock48442 drool24236 eyes rolling back2104 female1337238 female orgasm736 filly64821 flat colors2090 foalcon17741 hair bow15076 heart47153 lesbian95069 mare466979 mare on filly642 moaning5543 moaning in pleasure2666 nudity361795 open mouth140261 oral47701 orgasm11203 ponut42427 prone24999 scootadash772 sex118391 shipping196410 soft color1884 speech bubble22526 tongue out101064 underhoof50695 vaginal secretions39073 vulva124633 vulvar winking11500


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