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Gallery with 1080p screencaps of all 21 scenes.
Two of the screencaps were only cropped, while the rest were also resized to make all heads close to the same size.
Alternate version with only cropping.

safe2175067 edit173049 edited screencap90493 screencap295809 applejack200560 derpy hooves57517 fluttershy258719 octavia melody27618 pinkie pie255921 rainbow dash279992 rarity217605 starlight glimmer60020 twilight sparkle357899 alicorn314331 earth pony446627 pegasus496808 pony1603232 unicorn538298 a bird in the hoof887 a horse shoe-in1491 canterlot boutique1110 daring don't1165 fame and misfortune1205 father knows beast1000 g42029999 horse play1063 hurricane fluttershy1232 princess twilight sparkle (episode)3041 rainbow falls1892 read it and weep830 slice of life (episode)1991 the crystal empire3356 the last roundup1330 the one where pinkie pie knows953 to where and back again3077 annoyed7262 applejack's hat14455 bandage7717 big crown thingy3165 book43585 bowing550 cello3143 compilation714 cowboy hat25743 cropped61205 crying55492 cute265870 element of magic3536 eyes closed139071 female1803566 floppy ears73016 flying55099 food101343 frazzled141 friendship journal209 glass6794 glasses88748 hat124297 jewelry113159 looking down14721 looking up24051 magic96682 mane six37628 mare741523 mouth hold23759 mud3502 musical instrument15216 prone35229 rarity's glasses927 regalia36453 sad31371 sitting92420 snout422 supercut70 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149209


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Background Pony #1D95
Wonder when the seasonwunners are gonna bust in and say “iT’s OfF mOdEl AnD bAd!!!”