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Done with them for now
suggestive132808 artist:larrykitty642 apple bloom47532 scootaloo49663 sweetie belle47318 earth pony216465 pegasus257796 pony884845 unicorn285816 apple bloom's bow1157 bedroom eyes54883 bloom butt577 blushing182801 booty mark crusaders31 bow25876 butt41743 cutie mark43932 cutie mark crusaders18359 dock45857 female1287232 filly61708 hair bow14178 implied foalcon1511 plot73165 scootabutt430 sweetie butt599 the cmc's cutie marks4662


not provided yet


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Guess to each their own.
Would you like some fresh apple pie, a sweet treat or…?

Now that I think about it, it's hard to come up with a pun for Scoots without being the obvious chicken joke.

Still preffer the Apple pie, tho