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Made a quick drawing for fun.  
(Note: It actually took a long time. lol)
Sweetie Belle is cutest of the three. full
safe1918765 artist:symbianl435 apple bloom55231 scootaloo54586 sweetie belle52451 earth pony338456 pegasus382444 pony1266402 unicorn420057 :35495 adorabloom3394 blushing230936 cheek fluff7542 chest fluff50558 colored underhoof39 cute228320 cutealoo3336 cutie mark crusaders20491 diasweetes3290 digital art24610 ear fluff39566 eyes closed115142 female1554229 filly80905 floppy ears62296 fluffy16232 gradient background16279 happy36832 heart58261 heart hoof797 hoof fluff2486 hooves to the chest651 leg fluff3711 looking at you207277 one eye closed38435 open mouth187471 smiling315285 trio14901 underhoof59965 wink28875


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