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Made a quick drawing for fun.  
(Note: It actually took a long time. lol)
Sweetie Belle is cutest of the three. full

safe2172746 artist:symbianl460 apple bloom59977 scootaloo58724 sweetie belle56703 earth pony445625 pegasus495832 pony1600921 unicorn537268 g42027246 :36919 adorabloom3877 blushing273786 cheek fluff9486 chest fluff65409 colored underhoof57 cute265549 cutealoo3925 cutie mark crusaders22361 diasweetes3736 digital art29432 ear fluff50615 eyes closed138847 female1801068 filly97278 floppy ears72909 fluffy19554 gradient background25104 happy44476 heart76240 hoof fluff3262 hoof heart2108 hooves to the chest878 leg fluff5104 looking at you258966 one eye closed45684 open mouth237222 smiling396941 trio26068 underhoof68904 wink32894


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