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safe2173850 artist:kushina13671 gallus9072 sandbar6824 bird13731 chicken1793 earth pony446109 griffon36710 pony1602037 g42028523 alcohol10146 beer2280 chicken meat197 dexterous hooves911 duo169777 eating13388 eyes closed138925 food101266 gallus the rooster389 japanese food17 male550531 meat2715 ponies eating meat1270 stallion195621 surprised12787 sweat40564 this will end in sickness25 unfortunate implications213 yakitori4


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Background Pony #4E73
I want these two swap places, and then the food chain is correct.
This is just…
Huh, talk about yakitori, Mystia from Touhou suffered more than this.
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Emotional support birb
@Background Pony #67D3
I thought they were teenagers given how each of them are visibly smaller than adults of their species
Except for Gallus; he’s as big as an adult female, but is smaller then Grandpa Gruff. Though he didn’t get any bigger after the timeskip, so that’s either an animator oversight (which is not unlikely) or he’s already an adult. Or maybe his growth was stunted due to malnourishment because orphan.
Smolder is a baby dragon, and is smaller then Garble, who is a teenage dragon
Background Pony #DFD5
Twilight’s school is clearly post-secondary education intended for people who have already graduated from the equivalent of high school. The students attending it are mostly young adults, with the occasional gifted youngster. The idea that the student six are children is a fandom headcanon that is never stated in the show, and all evidence points to them being young adults (freshman college age, as I mentioned).
Background Pony #DFD5
They don’t have a canon age, but are implied to be freshman college students. So in that awkward “not a minor, but still too young to drink” phase- the age when people tend to use fake IDs to get into bars.