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new mlp game update sreen

safe2197929 gameloft7604 screencap297777 applejack202427 flash magnus1008 fluttershy261208 meadowbrook1002 pinkie pie258427 rainbow dash282910 rarity219520 silverstream7759 smolder11470 star swirl the bearded2357 twilight sparkle361136 yona6458 alicorn319494 classical hippogriff6539 dragon87054 earth pony514887 hippogriff13793 pegasus507562 pony1628388 unicorn549802 yak6318 g42053796 bow45606 cloven hooves16910 cowboy hat26471 cute269183 dashabetes12486 diapinkes12752 dragoness14440 female1829363 flying56091 game4875 hair bow26188 hat126466 helmet16129 jewelry116185 logo7260 looking at you264823 male559548 mane six37867 mare758256 meadowcute240 monkey swings1659 my little pony logo6350 necklace33148 new crown400 older41007 older silverstream168 older smolder493 raribetes7103 shyabetes19501 stallion199691 treehouse of harmony184 twiabetes15516 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150796


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Background Pony #82EE
I got that one. I also got a reward for Fluttershy coming to Ponyville right before that. Which I’m sure was a glitch since that happened years ago.