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new mlp game update sreen

safe2172641 gameloft7546 screencap295615 applejack200301 flash magnus998 fluttershy258390 meadowbrook995 pinkie pie255578 rainbow dash279676 rarity217401 silverstream7691 smolder11299 star swirl the bearded2326 twilight sparkle357442 yona6419 alicorn313745 classical hippogriff6402 dragon85323 earth pony445562 hippogriff13540 pegasus495777 pony1600810 unicorn537183 yak6245 g42027170 bow44607 cloven hooves16570 cowboy hat25680 cute265537 dashabetes12230 diapinkes12593 dragoness14156 female1800873 flying54959 game4835 hair bow25587 hat124101 helmet15828 jewelry112850 logo7097 looking at you258931 male550160 mane six37575 mare739893 meadowcute239 monkey swings1655 my little pony logo6225 necklace32279 new crown397 older39925 older silverstream166 older smolder484 raribetes7010 shyabetes19219 stallion195424 treehouse of harmony184 twiabetes15282 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149009


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Background Pony #82EE
I got that one. I also got a reward for Fluttershy coming to Ponyville right before that. Which I’m sure was a glitch since that happened years ago.