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explicit482737 artist:banbanji264 princess cadance40796 shining armor28560 twilight sparkle362865 anthro368364 art pack:fun size55 g42064505 and that's how flurry heart was made196 balls112605 big penis20312 blushing281819 breasts400723 breeding1876 brother and sister7173 cuckolding1251 dialogue96288 faceless female2152 faceless male7417 female1843381 futa62818 futa bigger than male387 futa twilight sparkle7010 horsecock101993 imminent sex11187 implied cuckolding44 implied impregnation530 implied infidelity531 implied sex8400 implied shipping7411 implied twidance17 impossibly large penis19638 impotence11 infidelity10302 intersex65339 lidded eyes50206 looking at you267946 male564608 nipples248863 nudity524813 offscreen character54087 penis218637 penis size difference1255 princess cheatdance1055 reasonably sized genitals2124 shining armor has a tiny dick39 ship:twidance369 shipping258949 siblings23269 size difference22542 size queen55 small penis1446 small penis humiliation682 straight183021 sweat41967 this will end in pregnancy2731 vein16202 veiny cock13419 you tried200


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Kirin Husbando
pretty sure twilight was supposed to make his dick bigger, i dont know, i think that would seal the deal on the bbbff title
Background Pony #E282
@Valiant Spiral  
That seems to me like, if anything, it’d probably have the opposite effect. Unless he has erectile dysfunction, but is trying to make it look like he’s keeping it up.
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
Pretty much just the fact that Shining’s the most prominent married stallion in the show. If another married guy got more screen time than Shining, then he’d be the Cuck Supreme instead.

Actually the whole “pass out from blood loss” thing for big cocks is a myth. The minimum amount of blood you could ever pass out from outright losing is 15% total volume. As the blood is still in circulation, it’s just being held in the penis somewhat disproportionately, she’d be fine. This becomes even more certain depending on the ratio of flaccid to erect size, and how much blood needs to be redistributed.
Further, body proportionality aside, just based on the thickness, that dick would JUST be able to fit in someone with a bit of effort. It would likely not get over a third of its length inside unless anthropomorphic horses have the stereotypically deep and durable vaginal canals that real horses do (why wouldn’t they if they have horse dicks?) but it could fit nonetheless.
In conclusion, that massive futa horsecock could most certainly be erect, and is more than capable of obliterating Cadence’s orifice. The only actual “stretching” of the truth needed would be her winning 72 genetic lotteries in a row to have a fist thick 22 inch long penis as a woman. But that’s not part of the belief we are asked to suspend.
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“Why send him to the guest room? If he sucks my balls and massages my prostate, I calculate a five to ten percent increase in sperm output!”
“That sounds wonderful, Twilight!”
“Don’t I get a say in this?”
“Oh, don’t worry BBBFF, I’ll be sure to give you a rusty trombone between rounds, and once you can’t get it up anymore, I’ve been studying how to give prostate orgasms- I’m sure Cadance will enjoy watching you leak onto the sheets!”
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The irony here is that shining’s penis looks to be decently proportional compared to the rest of his body. Also the jokes on twilight, keeping that monster erect for any significant length of time will make her pass out from bloodloss.