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Mega-neko :P
safe (1520739) artist:badumsquish (1831) derpibooru exclusive (22914) sphinx (character) (804) sphinx (1547) :p (6599) adorkable (2867) alternate hairstyle (22921) clothes (386754) crescent moon (1404) cute (166855) dork (3066) female (844864) folded wings (3963) glasses (51824) looking at you (134568) looking back (46231) looking back at you (9739) meganekko (70) missing accessory (7168) moon (20221) nerd (736) ponytail (14569) pun (7020) rear view (9024) show accurate (9055) slit eyes (3683) slit pupils (458) smiling (201799) solo (935787) sphinxdorable (99) sunset (4265) sweater (12542) tongue out (84733) turtleneck (1252) visual pun (1458) window (6760) wings (65080)


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I dunno, she seems to get enough visitors :D

@Background Pony #BB6B
I like her without the hat too. I seem to be the only one who draws her as such though, so I had to make up a hair color and style :D

@Bluesliver The sphinxlover
It's crazy what a change of clothes will do :D

On one hand the sweater keeps her nice and warm. On the other hand if a thread pops loose she goes ballistic chasing it :P

You could boop her with your whole palm! :D

@Background Pony #BB6B
Pince-nez glasses. They don't have ear parts and just cling to your nose :D
Bluesliver The sphinxlover

The sphinxlover
She is almost a different person. If she change her size, hides her paws and wear this, then she sure could fit into the modern Equestria without any notice her as the Sphinx. x3 Totaly a cute wonderful look on her. <3