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safe1558206 artist:badumsquish1903 derpibooru exclusive23918 sphinx (character)830 sphinx1586 :p7042 alternate hairstyle23941 animated91145 clothes402353 crescent moon1504 dork3259 eye shimmer1137 female882304 folded wings4424 glasses54032 looking at you141069 looking back48157 looking back at you10531 meganekko90 missing accessory7365 moon20741 nerd775 ponytail15273 pun7160 raspberry902 rear view9563 show accurate10159 slit eyes3986 slit pupils521 smiling210985 solo961489 sunset4451 sweater13010 tongue out88876 turtleneck1291 visual pun1490 window7101 wings72572


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"Before you may enter, you must solve my—"

The sound of soft bells rang throughout the tomb.

"Well, that's me off. The tomb locks down now. You want to have a beer?"
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Yeah, she's not on all the time. "YOU HAVE TO SOLVE MY RIDDLE IF—" wuuuuhhhhhht "Alright, good show see you tomorrow I got some dishes to do" :P


@Background Pony #BBA6
Her norm is giant show-size but yeah she can shapeshift to a degree :D

It's okay, she can make it fit :D
Background Pony #AB11
Dose she keep stretching all her clothes just for them to fit or dose she have two of everything in different sizes
Background Pony #6C6E
I don't think she can change size. No one will ever know if a Sphnix can change size or not. However, from my point of view, she's supposed to bigger than that. Sphnixs are known to be large, but for this image, however, she is regular size, which is usually not possible, unlike other creatures, who are very different from this kind of creature.
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A Clever Message
A reminder that her tongue is bigger than you are, and is most likely throwing spittle large enough to count as a particularly horrid bath at you right now.