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[gif made from screencaps]
Go Shinning Armor!!XD  
safe1975048 artist:drtuo4241 edit157199 applejack188039 fluttershy238581 pinkie pie238888 princess cadance36792 rainbow dash259779 rarity203418 shining armor25906 spike87404 twilight sparkle333365 alicorn275107 dragon72389 earth pony363000 pegasus408328 pony1327388 unicorn448077 animated113194 bbbff191 better source needed77 brother and sister5637 brown background1075 cropped56189 cute236866 female1606545 flower32884 flying47495 gif41519 happy38467 heart61530 kiss the girl8 looking at you217833 male461043 mane six35362 mare620012 missing accessory9264 open mouth198408 shiningcadance3112 shipping230178 siblings15447 simple background503474 smiling332292 spread wings75720 stallion150823 straight159901 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138762 video at source473 wings175861


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