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Gilda did not expect this when Dash invited her to her house.
safe1636597 artist:glitterstar2000164 fluttershy205355 gilda9322 rainbow dash226272 griffon25529 pegasus264696 pony901623 alternate hairstyle26248 angry25493 bed38584 bedroom9357 bow26462 bow on tail8 braid5061 braided ponytail256 braiding90 chest fluff35311 chickub226 crossed hooves1790 cute189204 dressup601 female1302589 filly62714 filly fluttershy645 filly rainbow dash1196 floral head wreath1914 flower23835 flower in hair7093 gilda is not amused52 madorable615 nail polish7298 pillow16721 rainbow dash is not amused523 sitting58867 slumber party174 spread wings50647 tomboy taming371 unamused14980 wings92362 younger16410


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