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safe2115648 artist:lightisanasshole241 applejack196026 fluttershy251836 pinkie pie249807 rainbow dash272648 rarity212744 twilight sparkle349544 alicorn302260 earth pony421928 pegasus470325 pony1476437 unicorn511487 g41623663 rainbow falls1872 the last problem7821 absurd resolution66058 apple20550 apple tree4115 banner2549 blue coat1111 boots32169 candy9411 cheek fluff8870 chest fluff61684 clothes610673 cloud41585 coat3786 confetti2542 crown28536 curly hair1563 cutie mark51540 ear fluff47363 end of ponies809 eyes closed133467 female1737347 finale72 fluffy18488 flying52656 food97062 grass14545 gray mane253 group picture83 hair bun5053 hat119274 jewelry106539 leg fluff4552 lesbian114772 lollipop3163 looking back82361 looking down13775 looking up22956 mane six36792 older37708 older applejack1041 older fluttershy1041 older mane six476 older pinkie pie972 older rainbow dash1250 older rarity988 older twilight3195 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)242 open mouth224733 ponytail25618 princess twilight 2.03650 raised hoof66510 regalia34601 scarf30814 ship:appledash7556 shoes56558 sky21910 sparkles8090 tree45863 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145913 walking7098 wings207396


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