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safe2117529 artist:vanillaghosties396 applejack196150 fluttershy252006 pinkie pie249976 rainbow dash272823 rarity212892 spike90664 twilight sparkle349781 alicorn302664 dragon81255 earth pony422836 pegasus471252 pony1478636 unicorn512373 g41926607 end of ponies807 female1739142 glowing horn28113 high res103215 horn139650 hug36341 magic93727 magic aura8455 male529183 mane seven7700 mane six36818 mare702736 one eye closed43961 septet103 smiling376546 snow18421 snowfall5812 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146018 winged spike9887 wings207912 wink31926


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Background Pony #BD71
@Background Pony #474F  
yeahhh, it’s a cute piece and I want to unsee it, it’s funny though because Rari’s horn is just fine and she’s looking over at Twi just like “Oh dear Twi, you’ve contracted the FEV! Fabulous!”
Background Pony #159A
this would be just perfect if that was unicorn twilight, but overall still a very cute drawing. well done, vanillaghosties.