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safe2151251 artist:vanillaghosties397 applejack198578 fluttershy255737 pinkie pie253307 rainbow dash276922 rarity215597 spike91681 twilight sparkle354283 alicorn309457 dragon84031 earth pony436526 pegasus486601 pony1579104 unicorn527375 g42004386 end of ponies808 female1777635 glowing horn28678 high res405761 horn178076 hug37109 magic95368 magic aura8722 male541851 mane seven7818 mane six37282 mare726495 one eye closed44921 septet133 smiling388645 snow19438 snowfall6109 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147841 winged spike10007 wings216117 wink32477


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Background Pony #BD71
@Background Pony #474F  
yeahhh, it’s a cute piece and I want to unsee it, it’s funny though because Rari’s horn is just fine and she’s looking over at Twi just like “Oh dear Twi, you’ve contracted the FEV! Fabulous!”
Background Pony #159A
this would be just perfect if that was unicorn twilight, but overall still a very cute drawing. well done, vanillaghosties.