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safe2172340 artist:magnaluna1238 twilight sparkle357391 alicorn313707 butterfly9746 pony1600557 g42027052 bow44591 butterfly on nose378 c:1368 chest fluff65359 crepuscular rays5010 cross-eyed1231 cute265497 daaaaaaaaaaaw7004 dark5507 ear fluff50554 eye reflection983 female1800527 floppy ears72895 fluffy19549 grass15306 hair bow25579 high res407705 hnnng2752 horn189500 insect on nose565 leg fluff5098 looking at something5031 magnaluna is trying to murder us16 mare739668 nature2721 night37766 petals648 reflection4670 sitting92219 smiling396834 solo1424493 spread wings94289 sweet dreams fuel2047 twiabetes15281 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149000 underhoof68880 weapons-grade cute4654 wing fluff2389 wings222470


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Monarchs and viceroys have that kind of pattern on their wings, and are red where this one’s blue. Tiger swallow tails are similar, with yellow. But, I don’t know of any butterfly with blue that way.
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“Why hello Mr. Monarch Butterfly, or should I say, danaus plexippus? Hehe, I read that you little guys migrate as far as 3,000 miles each year during the fall and spring.”