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Apple Spin! 1080p link in the source.
safe1675951 artist:anontheanon328 artist:jargon scott2279 artist:luzion23 edit129381 edited screencap63289 editor:luzion29 screencap218276 apple bloom48714 applejack167397 fluttershy209488 lighthoof536 luster dawn1474 lyra heartstrings29181 pinkie pie213286 princess celestia93783 princess luna97919 rainbow dash230509 rarity179093 shimmy shake537 spike77821 twilight sparkle296626 winona2506 oc665691 oc:apogee845 oc:littlepip4042 alicorn218603 dragon54465 fish2416 kirin8244 pegasus280153 pony938673 unicorn310952 yak4494 bronycon1926 bronycon 2019185 derpibooru7066 fallout equestria16601 a canterlot wedding2762 bloom and gloom1015 the last problem5548 absurd file size810 adorabloom2668 animated97111 atomic bomb163 band geeks29 bathroom2133 bathtub1705 call of duty419 cigarette3697 compilation544 crab rave6 crown16214 cute195267 dancing8179 dark souls671 donald trump308 female1335966 football1521 giant pony4520 gigachad spike762 glutes14 hat kid27 implied pooping165 jewelry60676 look at my horse10 lusterbetes126 macro10641 male362593 mane seven6399 mane six31444 mare466176 meta16500 mr weebl6 music2768 musical instrument9217 not salmon2314 nuclear weapon235 older25876 older applejack711 older fluttershy669 older mane seven232 older mane six346 older pinkie pie682 older rainbow dash781 older rarity667 older spike5098 older twilight1543 pan flute12 pmv290 ponyville5669 poop5224 princess twilight 2.02245 radiation100 regalia19042 ren and stimpy180 ren and stimpy adult party cartoon9 rick and morty506 seizure warning3221 sound8490 space4950 spinning891 spongebob squarepants2885 sports3447 super smash bros.1125 taco tuesday222 thepruld1 toilet1650 trump28 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122104 undertale1698 underwater5043 video game4787 wall of tags2908 wat19048 watermark15618 weapon29779 webm12729 what the hell?18 white house29 youtube link4829


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Astronaut In The Ocean
The watermark just makes it funnier with Link in the corner smiling while the chaos is unfolding.
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