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Submission for MLP FiM 9th Anniversary. Sorry for lacking details, I was rushing DX
safe1598422 artist:sugar morning1208 applejack161112 fluttershy201183 pinkie pie205759 rainbow dash222252 rarity172277 twilight sparkle285842 alicorn202212 earth pony210136 pegasus251456 pony867796 unicorn278204 the last problem4562 book31126 bust42969 crying40520 cute183238 doodle2469 mane six30083 mlp fim's ninth anniversary315 older23782 older applejack601 older fluttershy566 older mane six299 older pinkie pie559 older rainbow dash653 older rarity583 older twilight1247 portrait28924 princess twilight 2.01876 sketch58253 spread wings48920 stars14011 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117156 unicorn twilight13966 wings83809


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That's okay. You can always upload a polished version of this later and one of us can merge this version onto the new one.