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She's just like her mum!
safe1727239 screencap224438 li'l cheese548 luster dawn1606 pinkie pie218193 rarity183633 spike79509 twilight sparkle303136 alicorn228531 dragon57510 earth pony256689 pony987495 unicorn332417 the last problem5962 animated99662 butt62228 cropped49834 cute202931 female1381568 filly68220 gif31592 hopping313 li'l cuteese32 male380216 mare491068 mother2345 older27296 plot80499 pronking1087 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124922


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Background Pony #30B6
Maud, Limestone, and Marble would be proud to have such an adorable niece.