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Cherish the friends you made along the way. Let’s be happy it happened.  
Let’s believe in the magic of friendship.

safe2153314 artist:dm291692 angel bunny11263 apple bloom59579 applejack198709 discord37245 fluttershy255980 gallus9014 ocellus6754 pinkie pie253532 princess cadance39518 princess celestia111788 princess flurry heart9448 princess luna116251 rainbow dash277203 rarity215758 sandbar6795 scootaloo58416 shining armor27672 silverstream7658 smolder11200 spike91747 starlight glimmer59329 sunburst8726 sweetie belle56339 trixie78936 twilight sparkle354546 yona6393 alicorn309853 changedling11312 changeling65058 draconequus19993 dragon84153 earth pony437472 griffon36291 hippogriff13428 pegasus487548 pony1581236 rabbit8681 unicorn528241 yak6204 g42006283 angelbetes214 animal7921 chocolate4542 cider3031 clothes625227 cute263074 cutedance1590 cutie mark crusaders22214 diaocelles1214 diastreamies1363 discute1235 end of ponies808 female1780038 filly96142 flurrybetes1170 foal42804 food99901 gallabetes997 hot chocolate1699 levitation16052 magic95465 male542632 mane six37308 mare727572 marshmallow1709 pineapple606 royal sisters6566 sad31131 sandabetes828 shining adorable668 shirt39491 shocked10015 sitting90696 smolderbetes1525 stallion191547 student six2077 sunbetes379 telekinesis38554 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147960 wide eyes19750 yonadorable958


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Background Pony #FC2E
I’m guessing you didn’t add Flash Sentry because he only appeared in one brief cameo during Twilight Sparkle’s segment in “The Magic of Friendship Grows”?
Background Pony #5DD9
I’m glad they actually addressed the whole lives-growing-apart thing, because it’s been hanging over the series pretty much since the pilot.
Background Pony #64F6
I would also add Granny and Big Mac and thus you would depict all main reccuring characters who had episodes focused on them more than once.