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Page 830 — Bard Times Two

Let it never be said that I'm not an ambitious fellow from time to time.

Cheese Sandwich: A sonnet, a sonnet… Alright, gimme a few minutes.
Pinkie Pie: You want some help?
Cheese Sandwich: Absolutely not.
Cheese Sandwich: Okay, we're ready!
Pinkie Pie: I helped!
Cheese Sandwich: Shut up.

The Super Duper Party Pony Cheese;
I always knew that was the kind of po-
ny I would be. My party's made to please,
so even boring moms can join the flow!
The Super Duper Party Guarantee:
this gig will be completely off the chain!
The Super Duper Party Pony, me;
there's clearly something crazy in my brain!
I knew from when I was a little colt,
to dance and play was what I wanted most.
Ev'rypony said I was a dolt,
but then I showed them I'm an awesome host!
The Super Party Pony nonpareil;
that's who will run your birthday bash this day!

I'm talking huge piñatas filled with cake,
Hawaiian shirts, and very fizzy drinks.
Then flip and dive into a fruit punch lake.
Let loose! Who cares what anypony thinks?!
Partake in pie fights, fly some wacky kites,
pass out with streamers in your mane, so calm,
then wake up just in time to see the lights
of my tremendous super party bomb!
That's not to mention all my combat tricks.
I'm indispensible; I've got your backs.
If what you need's some help with taking licks,
I'm optimized for giving free attacks!
So now you all know truly "Who am I":
A better party Bard than Pinkie Pie.

Rarity: …Huh! Impressive!
Applejack: Have to admit, that takes some know-how and hard work.
Pinkie Pie: You did great! They loved it!
Cheese Sandwich: Why thank y– (Gilda:) Waaait a minute!! Why the heck are you helping me beat you?!
safe1615029 artist:newbiespud1349 edit123018 edited screencap59209 screencap210705 amethyst star2386 applejack162528 berry punch6224 berryshine6216 blues936 bon bon15671 carrot top5221 cheese sandwich3813 cherry berry1950 cloud kicker1860 dizzy twister1006 gilda9245 golden harvest5221 lemon hearts2008 linky1419 liza doolots592 lucky clover551 lyra heartstrings28410 minuette5534 noteworthy936 orange swirl1006 parasol577 petunia591 pinkie pie207396 rainbow dash223979 rainbowshine843 rarity173723 royal riff339 shoeshine1534 sparkler2236 spring melody1069 sprinkle medley1069 sunshower raindrops2271 sweetie drops15671 tootsie flute595 tornado bolt377 twinkleshine2084 earth pony215712 griffon25094 pegasus257039 pig735 pony882613 unicorn284989 comic:friendship is dragons1508 griffon the brush off714 pinkie pride1447 accordion283 angry24998 annoyed5161 background pony9627 background pony audience343 balloon9749 bipedal31711 birthday cake803 birthday candles77 cake9197 clock1753 clothes425711 colt13735 comic103307 dancing7839 dialogue60956 eyes closed84038 face down ass up7548 female1285590 filly61571 flying35563 food64249 freckles26175 grin34609 hat79481 hot air balloon924 looking down7559 looking up14805 male343607 mare439213 musical instrument8581 party hat2171 party tank20 piñata233 pointing3770 screencap comic4333 side hug348 singing5967 smiling224409 stallion97756 tank (vehicle)1187


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