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the fans hate epilogues ….
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Pubilq Phirm
I have a strong suspicion (following the same logic) that the decision to end FiM wasn't made until after most of Season 8 had been written (or at least the basic plots for the majority of the episodes were already decided). Why else would they introduce 6 new characters and then promptly ignore them in favor of characters we've had for the last 7 seasons (3 in the case of Starlight)? Many of my complaints about S8 would have been avoided if the writers wrote like they had only two seasons to wrap things up instead of writing a big expansion that never gets developed.
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You know what's interesting, watching the finale and seeing all the characters grown up did actually remind me of the Digimon Adventures 02 finale
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Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

Pubilq Phirm
@Titanium Dragon
Many issues with the show specifically stem from the fact that Twilight became a princess at the end of S3 and the show went on for 6 more seasons. At least the S4 finale directly addressed Twilight having no clue why she is or what to do as a princess.
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Titanium Dragon
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@Background Pony #6864
The fact that they show Pinkie's kid, but not Applejack's, as when she visits the farm only BigMac's kid is shown, makes it clear that none of the other mane six ponies ever found love.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash are heavily implied to be in a relationship with each other. I know this may be shocking to you, but lesbians can't have biological children as a couple.

And it's possible that Fluttershy and Discord are in a relationship as well, though that's more vague.

Twilight with graves would've been better. The day after from season finale would've been better. They would've been MORE open ended. MORE space to imagine around. Because this ending doesn't leave you room to imagine, whole point of it actual. To wrap it up and hammer the last nail on the coffin. Yes, you get to imagine and write unlimited fanfics about that rock in Twilight's shadow, so technically I'm wrong. I'm sorry for not having the reason to see how open ended this dead end is. The rock might even hold the secret to time travel that will fix everything that I THINK I hate about this ending. Silly me for not imagining it.

You do realize that fanfiction isn't canon, right? We can just ignore things as we see fit. If you want to write a different way for things to end, that's up to you.

But having a distant finale isn't a bad thing. I do like the ability to speculate, but you know, I also like closure.

Was it the perfect ending? Of course not, but nothing really would be. Season 3 was a great "ending point" for the series, but it kept going for six more seasons, and this was another appropriate point to end things.
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The individual human
No, I mean like, that Digimon situation is confusing. They got jobs and families. That's how you end, right?

…unless it's the Digi trainer turned drug addict ending, that is.
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Stop projecting on the entire fandom. Not everyone hated the finale, nor does everyone think the writers were incompetent. I actually only had one issue with the three final episodes.
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Yeah, no, Digimon 02's epilogue was legendarily bad. "We don't know how to properly conclude this, so let's just pull some pairings out of our asses, have little blurbs about the mostly unfitting and out-of-nowhere careers they went on to have, give them a bunch of clone kids, and have them stand around for a final pan shot and then watch their kids run off with Digimon who are also identical to theirs—that'll be satisfying, right?"
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