Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 11 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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Collab with my best friend v747 :3
It was presented by our friends as a print to Nicole Oliver at bronycon.
safe1767592 artist:bra1neater81 artist:v747217 princess celestia97243 princess luna101300 alicorn235739 pony1027485 bored1496 bow30417 bush2874 celestia is not amused550 cellphone4149 crown18233 cute207731 cutelestia3689 dirt road82 dropped ice cream167 duo66091 face down ass up8980 featured image917 female1416642 food74001 grin41819 hair bow16598 hoof hold8792 hoof shoes5896 ice cream5254 ice cream cone656 jewelry70268 lunabetes3653 majestic as fuck1315 mare509857 phone7067 pink-mane celestia2655 pouting2036 regalia21527 road900 royal sisters4659 s1 luna7451 scrunchy face7284 sibling rivalry163 siblings9849 sisters9557 smartphone2357 smiling266044 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon259 tripped66 trolluna164 unamused16975 upset1243 younger17912


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I like this because it’s lined up like an obsurd cartoon situation, but has enough detail to make the eye wonder like a rl photo.
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Background Pony #27CA
Damn Mean Luna. Celestia looks upset. Well this probably will end in tear or a trip to the moon because Celestia about to be public.
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Not a Trap
Daww Poor Celestia, I would buy her a new Ice cream, Luna is being a bit mean but I would do the same if I was here.
I really like this art looks really well made
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